Mr Perfect Hair Is The Perfect Heir To Wenger’s Throne

//Mr Perfect Hair Is The Perfect Heir To Wenger’s Throne

Mr Perfect Hair Is The Perfect Heir To Wenger’s Throne

The man with the perfect hair, Mikel Arteta, has already begun to prove he is the right heir to the crumbling throne that Wenger left behind him.

It seems like everything he says in public is perfect, so we can imagine what Arteta says behind the scenes is equally so.

Of course, the Spaniard contracted Covid-19 but, typically, he wanted to carry on working. What an example to the squad!

Another sensible decision by Arteta was to take a pay cut, which showed his leadership skills once again.

The only disappointment so far, during Arteta’s reign, is the performances of Guendouzi, who was often a star performer before the new manager’s arrival.

Of course, King Arteta has many challenges ahead, not least of which is what to do about Aubameyang. Personally, I’d let him see out his contract, rather than let him go. The number crunchers should do the maths: how much does missing out on the Champions League cost?

Regarding Ozil, I’d reluctantly do the same. Of course, if a potential buyer turns up, I’d try to cut a deal, as I’m afraid we’ve already seen the best of the German’s genius, in those blink and you might miss it moments.

Other players coming nearer to the end of their deals include Lacazette. As readers will know, I’m a huge fan of the Frenchman, so I’d try to nail him down and make him commit to the club.

Most of the others with two years left, I’d do the same with, but that’s easier said than done when Arsenal are laying off scouts due to the economic climate change.

No matter what happens though, I truly believe that Arteta can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear and we’ll start to see if I’m right when Arsenal play Man City on 17th.

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