Xhaka comments cross the border

//Xhaka comments cross the border

Xhaka comments cross the border

Last time I posted something about Xhaka I was told by a keyboard warrior to give up blogging. Therefore, I can’t resist commenting on the ex-skipper’s latest comments after playing for Switzerland. It’s been translated from German as: ‘Happiness is when you’re satisfied with yourself’.

If that’s indeed what he wrote, then, reading between the lines, he’s saying that he doesn’t care what others think of his ability. That’s good and there’s nothing wrong with self-confidence, except when it borders on arrogance. Unfortunately, in my opinion, and I am allowed that dear Xhaka fan(s), Xhaka has well and truly crossed that border.

By the way, I must add that I’ve never thought, until recently, that Xhaka is not good enough for Arsenal. He should be a squad player, as he can add something. Unfortunately, he has been guilty of making rash tackles and poor passes on more occasions than any other member of the team. Given that he’s been more of a liability than an asset, surely he could eat humble pie.

Instead of that, he seems to be trying to engineer a move away by being so outrageously disrespectful to Arsenal and their fans. To be honest, I usually side with the professionals, when they get abuse. I would never boo a player from the team I support, no matter what, but I can understand why they booed Xhaka, when he left the field so slowly.

Anyone sensible would have apologised quickly afterwards, but not Arsenal’s Swiss primadonna. His recent comments have made reconciliation impossible.

The good news is Newcastle are supposedly interested. The best thing Arsenal can do is get shot of Xhaka. He may be a step up from the days of Denilson and Diaby, but that’s about it. What’s more, his attitude is shocking. Fans will be fans, but if Xhaka wants better treatment he needs to look at his own behaviour. Reprehensible is what I would call it.

Meanwhile, Aubameyang can do no wrong and there’s a good reason for that: he’s a true leader, who supports his team-mates and has a strong bond with the fans. I think it’s admirable that he refused to give into pressure regarding speaking to Troops of Arsenal Fan TV. I don’t always agree with everything the channel says, but that’s football. We need to accept others’ opinions.

On that note, I’ve always disagreed with Bellerin’s detractors, as I think he offers Arsenal a lot when he’s in the team. He even went quite close to scoring against Leicester and Arsenal can count themselves a little unlucky, especially regarding Aubameyang’s goal that was ruled offside. Had that counted and Bellerin’s long-range effort gone in, the complexion of the game would have completely changed.

Of course, Leicester were the better team but the margins between success and failure are wafer-thin. Nevertheless, the statistics have been shocking of late. When other teams are taking double the number of shots that Arsenal are, that in itself is disturbing.

Hopefully, the ‘tactical genius’ Emery will be able to create a defensive umbrella around Leno to stop shots raining down on him. However, the boss, often called Dick Emery, looked as doomed and bedraggled as the chief of the vessel that was hunting down the fictional Moby Dick against Leicester.

As we know, looks can be deceiving just like statistics so maybe now is the time for patience, given that the hierarchy have decided to stick with Emery. The Spaniard has achieved a lot in the game, so he can’t be as awful as the likes of Mkhitaryan, who claimed his own poor form at Arsenal was due to being played out of position, might have us believe.

In fact, players like that remind us how the rot had already set in at Arsenal before Emery arrived. It’s going to take a monumental effort to turn the ship around and even though I’m not sure that Emery is the man to do it, giving him a few more games can’t really hurt, can it?

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    Dr Mantis reckons I’m being harsh on Diaby, as only injuries stopped him being a success. What do you think?

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