Pepe, the panacea?

//Pepe, the panacea?

Pepe, the panacea?

Although it ended in defeat, Arsenal should not be too downhearted after their final friendly of the season.

The first half, in particular, should give rise to optimism in the camp. Although Ashley Sublime-Ridiculous scored a second-half own goal, in the first forty-five minutes, he was tenacious in the tackle and quite a handful going forward.

Nevertheless, you’d have to say that the youngster looks more comfortable attacking than defending, so the big mystery to me is why Arsenal are supposedly trying to sign a left back. What makes it worse is Keiran Tierney is far from cheap at the price of £25m. In addition, he is crocked. Even the most optimistic Celtic fans will concede that Tierney could be out of action for another two months or more. In fact, so serious is his injury that there’s no guarantee that he’ll be able to kick a football again without it hurting. Of course, some clubs would just inject him with pain killers, but Tierney would end hobbling around for the rest of his life after the short span of his footballing career is at an end. I only can see this ending in tears, to be honest, even though David Moyes assures us that Tierney will be a legend should he sign. Sorry. No disrespect to the player, but the injury he has means buying him is a huge risk.

At left back, Arsenal already have Monreal and Kolasinac, both of whom are more reliable than Sublime-R, who is always preferred by the manager to Corporal Jenkinson.

You could argue that right and left backs are the least important positions to fill, so why spend £25m on a crock?

Upfront, Arsenal look formidable. Aubameyang’s goal, set up by Ozil, was simply sublime.

Nelson, meanwhile, looked a constant threat, which augurs well for his future.

Willock looked solid, and also will be in contention to start against Newcastle.

One player who should be canned is Mkhitaryan. Although he has his moments of excellence, they are few and far between. He tackles back better than Ozil, but creates fewer goalscoring opportunities.

In fact, I won’t be surprised if both Ozil and Mkhitaryan have few chances to impress this season, so they’d best make the most of what they get!

Despite the defeat, Arsenal can boast Pepe in their ranks and he could be the panacea, papering over the cracks at the back!

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