Arsenal are waiting for Godot

I've just read a really interesting article in the Sunday Times written by David Walsh about how 'the Arsenal story has become football's "Waiting for Godot", Samuel Beckett's masterful play about the futility of life'. I won't steal Walsh's thunder by detailing everything in his article but, I must say, I found it hard to [...]

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Expect unexpected deals! Could Bale join AFC?

All the talk is about Gareth Bale today, ahead of the Champions League final. No doubt those of us that said Fabregas would never join another London club would say ex-Spurs Bale would never wear the red and white of Arsenal, but there's no such thing as 'never' in football. The Gunners have the money [...]

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Make him Captain Chilean con carnage

In these days of hugely inflated transfer fees and salaries to match, should football clubs ever say enough? After all, if the TV money is coming why can't clubs spend it on what the want to? As you might have guessed, I'm very much in the camp that believe footballers generally deserve the money they [...]

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If Arsenal appoint a DOF, Wenger will be off!

Stop press: By the time I managed to upload, news had broken that Wenger had signed a 2-year deal. We haven't got long to wait. By tomorrow, we should know Wenger's fate at Arsenal. It feels like a foregone conclusion: a contract extension. However, there are some potential flies in the ointment that could stop [...]

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Addict Wenger should quit says TA

I was quite surprised to read some incredibly harsh words in the 'Metro' coming from former Arsenal captain, Tony Adams, about his ex-boss, Arsene Wenger. Obviously, Adams has an autobiography to sell, so in some ways it makes sense to be sensational. Nevertheless, to say that Wenger 'coach his way out of a paper bag' [...]

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Sackboy saves Wenger from the sack

Who would have thought Per Mertesacker (AKA Sackboy) would have saved Arsene Wenger's job by helping Arsenal to their record 13th FA Cup triumph? Not me, that's for sure, as no disrespect to the German, but his FA Cup start this season was his first since being out injured. However, the BFG was as immense [...]

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This club’s not big enough for both a boss and a DOF

It's quite hard to accept Arsenal's disappointing end to the season. If the campaign ends without any silverware of any description, of course, it will be much worse. Only a victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup final will make 2017 a year to remember for the right reasons. The year will be remembered as [...]

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Theo is the new Arshavin

With 19 goals to his name this season, surprisingly, Theo Walcott is not every Arsenal fans' cup of tea. I've heard some so-called supporters say he's not fit to lace their boots, which is ironic given that in terms of physical fitness, he has more stamina than most professional players, let alone being able to [...]

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Fourth is still a possibility

Who saw two away wins back-to-back coming? My guess is very few people or pundits could predict that the Gunners could beat Stoke (who are always tough to beat) and Southampton on the road, especially as the Saints took points off Liverpool recently. Talking of the Reds, they've taken six points from Arsenal this season, [...]

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Arsenal pass an ‘easy’ test in exam season

Man Utd at home is never an easy fixture, and neither is taking on a team managed by Mourinho. However, on this occasion, although United fielded much more than £100m-worth of talent, the opposition were there for the taking. Despite it being examination season, this was not a true test of Arsenal's mettle. You felt [...]

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