Chile con what?

We've all heard of chilli con carne. At Arsenal, we've now got chilli or at least Chile, thanks to Alexis Sanchez's arrival. My question is: where's our carne? Are we getting meat or vegetables to go with our spicy transfer market dealings? Before I go into that, I have to say that Sanchez may turn [...]

‘Non’ is not an option for Arsenal

FA Cup winners Arsenal should not be saying 'non' to the chance of signing one of the world's greatest midfielders, Cesc Fabregas. According to The Metro, Arsenal will not be exercising their buy-back option, paving the way (and I can see the concrete slabs of gold being laid all the way from Barcelona to London [...]

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Wenger’s plan B works a trophy treat

A trophy every 9 years won't be enough for Arsenal fans, but Wenger's 'Plan Brawn' worked a treat yesterday. Instead of waiting until the 70th minute to change things, Wenger forgot his own tradition to throw Sanogo into the fray. Giroud suddenly came into his own as Sanogo occupied the centre backs that we're kicking [...]

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Arsenal legendary XI

I usually do this sort of thing in an international break, but for once I'll do it pre-match! As if we don't have enough to worry about with Cardiff away coming up! Nevertheless, here it is:I didn't need much thinking time to choose Ian Wright and Thierry Henry. Wrighty smashed Cliff Bastin's goalscoring record and [...]

Cesc will return to Arsenal, won’t he?

In the absence of any Arsenal transfers of note, it's obvious we're all going to hark back to yesteryear. Yet, most of the players we 'lost' were no real loss, in my opinion. Even when we sold someone at the top of his game, we got good money for his services - which could have [...]

10 most disappointing departures from Arsenal

After considering the 10 most exciting arrivals at Arsenal, it seemed only logical to think of those that made untimely exits from the club. Has this Arsenal transfer hibernation happened before? Check out the new book about Wenger's first season in charge! ARSENAL F.C. - A FOOTBALL TRANSFER DIARY 1996/1997 [Kindle Edition]ARSENAL F.C. - A [...]

Arsenal should speculate to accumulate, not asset-strip

Any business that asset-strips faces an uncertain future. I've seen it when I was working in a night club. A 'clever' new manager came in and decided to dispense with the band and one of the DJs. It went from a profitable club very quickly into one losing money. Arsenal are doing the same: selling [...]

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Not good old, it’s same ol’ same ol’ Arsenal

Today is the day when Euro 2012 begins in earnest. I'm so excited I'm up at the crack of dawn just say this! In fact, it's not even the crack of dawn. Oh yeah, I'm that excited! I'm doing my writing before all the other websites. The early bird catches the worm and all that, [...]

Cesc/Lorient/Hill-Wood/Ryo all on Arsenal’s news radar

Taking a look at the news today, London 24 are running a story about Cesc Fabregas, who has a bit to say about Robin van Persie. It is not particularly interesting unless you read between the lines. I did and I have reached the following conclusions: 1) Cesc is an Arsenal fan, and 2) he think [...]

How will Chelsea’s win affect Arsenal?

The football world feels a different place now that Chelsea are the Champions League winners. The bitter side of me says, it's just another cup. Under Roberto di Matteo, Chelsea have become a cup team: draw specialists in the league but domestic and European cup winners. Obviously we wanted to be the first London club [...]