Arsenal finally get a fox in the box

You've heard of the phrase: 'growing into the role', haven't you? Well, that's exactly what's happened to Theo Walcott who, as I've said for as many years as people would care to listen, is a goal predator. I was so impressed by Theo's instincts in front of goal that I was even moved to call [...]

Latest August mauling stirs up memories of 2011

Although becoming accustomed to poor starts to seasons, most Arsenal fans must feel traumatised, after the 3-4 mauling at the hands of Liverpool at the Emirates. The score line doesn't really tell the full story. Even when Arsenal took the lead they were well below par. Theo Walcott finished well for the opener, but critics [...]

Pluses and minuses from Arsenal’s weekend

A disappointing 0-1 defeat against Monaco on Sunday capped what was a very productive weekend for Arsenal on the pitch. Debutantes Debuchy and Chambers were outstanding, while Alexis Sanchez was lively. Campbell and Sanogo were so effective against Benfica that anything less than excellent would pale in comparison. Unfortunately, Giroud fitted that bill and got [...]

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Chile con what?

We've all heard of chilli con carne. At Arsenal, we've now got chilli or at least Chile, thanks to Alexis Sanchez's arrival. My question is: where's our carne? Are we getting meat or vegetables to go with our spicy transfer market dealings? Before I go into that, I have to say that Sanchez may turn [...]