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The Loose Cannon (TLC) is a labour of love set up by the former FromTheTerrace managing editor and freelance Sky News football pundit, Joe Broadfoot. I know I'm opinionated and a bit left-field, but other contributors are most welcome to send in their opinions, news pieces and so regarding Arsenal FC for potential publication. Don't forget, if you've got something to write about Arsenal, it would be great to hear from you!

Big improvement, but…

Compared to Palace away, the new-look Arsenal with three at the back and Cech back in goal looked slightly less vulnerable than usual, but still made it seem incredibly difficult to beat relegation-haunted Middlesbrough at the Riverside. Although Sanchez was named Sky Sports' man-of-the-match after scoring one, he also demonstrated his alarming tendency to give [...]

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Time for clarity not clashes between Arsenal fans

Arsenal legend Charlie Nicholas is saying it now on Sky Sports and it really is high time Arsene Wenger clarified the future. Will he stay or will he go? If he won't say, he will continue to cause a 'Clash' between the fans, if you'll excuse the pun with the 'New Wave' band, who penned [...]

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A is for ‘abject’

There is only one way to describe Arsenal's performance at Crystal Palace: abject. Although the 3-0 scoreline may have flattered the Eagles, they certainly deserved their win. The penalty that wasn't but was given anyway added to Arsenal's woes and made the result more embarrassing, but the most shocking aspect of this defeat was the [...]

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Can’t be bothered with Baggies?

Insipid. As much as I dislike one-word sentences, the last Arsenal performance is only deserving of a short description. The reason for my lack of words is what I would perceive as a lack of effort. No one seemed to bust a gut to get behind the ball. No one seemed to prepared to stick [...]

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Theo saves Wenger’s blushes

Theo Walcott is the main reason why Arsenal are in the semi-finals of the FA Cup. Without the work of this unselfish player, it is difficult to imagine how the Gunners would have broken down resilient 'little' Lincoln. When I write 'little', it has to go in inverted commas, as some of the players resembled [...]

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Arsenal TV calls it right?

After seeing Arsenal Fans TV before the Liverpool game, I really wanted to say that the supporters' reaction to Wenger is nothing but 'knee jerk'. However, after the dismal performance against Reds and the inexplicable decision to leave Sanchez on the bench, I have to question the sanity of the manager's decision. Wenger claimed he [...]

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100-goal ‘write-off’ proves himself

Apart from Wenger, the next biggest bone of contention at Arsenal over recent years has been Theo Walcott. How many Arsenal fans have I argued with about him? How many derisively call him 'Wally'? How many say his hat trick away in Croatia was a fluke? How many will refuse to admit that Theo has [...]

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Who wants a ticket to Dullsville when you ride Wenger’s roller coaster instead?

Judging by most accounts, Arsenal fans that want Wenger out are now the majority. Until someone runs a football club election, which will probably never happen, we will never know for sure. However, it is safe to say that Wenger's popularity has hit a trough. That said, I don't believe you need the fans behind [...]

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Arsenal need more than StatDNA

According to the New York Times, Wenger was convinced to judge players by the verdicts presented by StatDNA, after the Chicago-based company claimed that Chu Young-Park and Chamakh were pups. Apparently, the same company recommended Gabriel, who has had some 'iffy' moments in an Arsenal shirt, in my opinion. However, the Brazilian was not a [...]

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Arsenal gift title to Chelsea

All this talk about this Arsenal squad being better than 'the Invicibles' really sticks in the craw, especially after the disappointing defeat at home to Watford. Of course, Wenger said that to justify not dipping his hand into the transfer kitty to make the Gunners true title contenders. However, the comment shows that his belief [...]

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