Will Ozil fare better under Mourinho?

//Will Ozil fare better under Mourinho?

Will Ozil fare better under Mourinho?

The Ozil-Emery war is seemingly going to continue for the foreseeable future, with the German ready to see out his contract. However, could José Mourinho’s potential arrival change that?

Although when Ozil arrived at Arsenal I was delighted, as no one could deny that the playmaker had and possibly still has the X-Factor when it comes to the final pass, his attitude since signing a new deal has been nothing short of shocking.

I wasn’t very impressed with Ozil in Wenger’s final days, as the German seemed to be in cruise control once the ink was dry on the new deal.

Of course, Ozil’s attitude has become even worse since. I can’t actually believe that he or his advisors think it’s professional to release a photo with the caption:’ You make me laugh!’, especially in the sensitive situation he finds himself in.

The word has it, Ozil is not trying in training and that’s easy to believe, especially when he’s jogging or walking most of the time in matches. Without seeing training, I’d be seriously questioning his application on the pitch and indeed I have been since Wenger’s ‘twilight’ months at the club.

In short, Ozil seems to have no hunger to play as, when he does, he’s so half-hearted about everything he does. To me, this is a great player with a shocking attitude and if I were Emery, I wouldn’t play him either. I’d rather play someone half as good but with twice the application and there are plenty of those types of players at Arsenal.

In a ideal world, Emery and Ozil should have a private showdown and iron out their differences. Not only that, Emery should do his best to motivate the German. Unfortunately, we all know motivation comes from within. It’s hard to imagine Ozil feeling he has anything to prove and, as he’s won just about everything, what could be a carrot to incentivise him? Sadly, I don’t think there is one.

However, if he thinks it will be easier under Emery’s successor, I think Ozil had better think again.

Imagine if it’s José Mourinho coming in. That’s not necessarily so wide of the mark, as the Portuguese out-of-work coach was spotted at Arsenal’s last home game.

Given that he once called the Arsenal number 10 a ‘coward’, my guess is Mourinho will have even less time for Ozil’s shenanigans than Emery has had. However, it seems that Ozil sees Mourinho as a father figure, so perhaps the former Real Madrid boss can bring out the best in the German with some tough love.

In Emery’s defence though, at least the Spaniard named Ozil among his five captains and, in public at least, Emery has always been professional when asked about the AWOL number ten.

Can Ozil say the same about his behaviour? I’m not sure, as it depends on your interpretation: perhaps the photo and caption is all one big misunderstanding.

Of course, Arsenal fans just want Ozil back to his best. If that can be achieved, no one will want him out of the team, least of all Emery.

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