Wenger or Emery: can we draw comparisons?

//Wenger or Emery: can we draw comparisons?

Wenger or Emery: can we draw comparisons?

A recent article comparing Klopp and Solkjaer’s first twenty-nine games in charge in the Premier League revealed something shocking: the latter has the better record. While Arsenal fans wonder how it would have been if Klopp had been installed as the new boss in 2015, my question to them is how long would he have got to prove himself?

As Simon Jordan says Emery knows ‘a thing or six’, which is proven by his record prior to joining Arsenal. Therefore, I still maintain he should get until the end of the season to prove himself.

If we put the season in perspective, Arsenal have only lost twice so far and are fifth in the league. Despite the abject nature of the performances against Sheffield United and Watford, the truth is Emery’s doing alright.

However, I feel immense frustration watching the team trying to play the ball out from the back: only once did it work against Sheffield United. You have to wonder how long Arsenal will persist with a tactic that cost the club at least two points against Watford.

Like many fans, Emery’s recent team selections have left me baffled. I wouldn’t field so many youngsters in a battle against the Blades on their turf. That was asking for trouble.

Nevertheless, I can see the sense in leaving out Mesut ‘I’ve missed 101 games and counting’ Ozil, whose idea of a shift is to jog back to defend at half pace. Ozil is brilliant, of that there’s no doubt, but he’s also work shy unfortunately. The team has often carried him, so I’m not sure why so many are clamouring for his return.

Another player who is supposedy essential is Ceballos. Although, he’s a step up from Ozil in work rate, I don’t see that he offers that much offensively. I think he flatters to deceive and I don’t see why he has earned so many plaudits. Maybe he’ll make his transfer permanent, but I can’t imagine him making a huge difference. He’s no Santi Cazorla, that’s for sure.

One player who will make a difference is Pepe. He’s got so many skills in his locker that he’s bound to start scoring for fun soon. His miss against Sheffield United wasn’t that bad, in my opinion. What makes me laugh is when certain pundits criticise Pepe and say he should have scored, when those same experts barely ever found the net during their playing days. I’ll listen to Ian Wright on it, though, and I understand he said it was a sitter, or words to that effect. I’ll have to beg to differ.

The same goes for playing out from the back. It’s an unsuccessful tactic, so why not change it? On that note, why not let Martinez have a go in goal? Leno’s doing myThanks alright, but I’m not happy with his kicking.

The fans, meanwhile, are not happy with Emery’s record after 47 games, which is slightly worse than Wenger’s last 47. All I can say is give Emery until the end of the season, as only then can we truly compare the two coaches.

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