Vampire sucking financial blood won’t buy another Ozil

//Vampire sucking financial blood won’t buy another Ozil

Vampire sucking financial blood won’t buy another Ozil

Without Mesut Ozil, Arsenal looked devoid of ideas against West Ham and were fortunate not to concede against the hosts, who were given far too much space. Although the club have trotted out the most recent excuse again about the German’s ‘knee injury’ flaring up, you don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to doubt the validity of the official claim. It would be more honest to just state that Ozil does not fit the bill. He’s never going to do enough work for the current regime. It makes you wonder how Ozil got away with his lack of workrate under Arsene Wenger, whose default mode was to indulge senior players.

However, the questionable workrate and arrogance, exemplified by Ozil, has crept into some of the younger players’ games, who display quality but not enough industry. This brings me into to Maitland-Niles, who had a double-barreled nightmare-to-forget in the first half. In fact, it was hard to fathom how Maitland-Niles made it through the entire half, without being hooked, so poor was his performance. Obviously, the boy has ability, but he looked like an accident waiting to happen. Eventually, he was replaced by Bellerin, who should have started.

In a way, Ainsley was in good company, as the normally lethal Aubameyang was also in disappointing form. However, the Gabon striker always has a goal in him, no matter how he’s playing, so is difficult to replace.

Kolasinac was having a fair bit of joy down the left and inexplicably cut the ball back when he should have shot himself, at one point. Somebody should have told him how poor Fabianski was at Arsenal and then maybe he would have taken a punt. Any shot on target had a chance of going in when Fab was anything but ‘fab’ in the famous red and white.

However, Fabianski did make one save to deny Lacazette and, more typically, watched helplessly as a Guendouzi piledriver rocketed just over.

If Arsenal fans thought things could not get worse, they were sadly mistaken. A Rice goal used to mean Arsenal were on the scoresheet, but this time Pat was in the stand watching his namesake Declan score the only goal of the game. In fact, those on the pitch did not do much more than the former Arsenal legend watching on to stop the opener.

Ultimately Arsenal were beaten by the better team on the day. The Gunners showed more penetration once Ramsey entered the fray, which begs the question: why wait until the game is already lost to bring on Arsenal’s best player? Even the Welshman lacks the killer pass that someone like Cesc Fabregas could play.

The only Gunner with a similar capability without the workrate is Ozil. Then there’s ‘Ozil Lite’, otherwise known as Mkhitaryan. After him, there’s ‘Ozil Lite-Lite’, also known as Iwobi, who did well by his standards. However, if that’s Arsenal’s cutting edge, you need to expect the Gunners to draw a lot more blanks.

There is no mistaking Aubameyang and Lacazette’s ability, but if the ball never comes to them, how are they supposed to score?

A quiet transfer market beckons for Arsenal, who have a desperate need for new blood, but are likely to continue to watch a financial vampire suck all the life out of the club.

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