Bank on Cech & leave out Leno in the league

//Bank on Cech & leave out Leno in the league

Bank on Cech & leave out Leno in the league

Despite the 4-1 victory against Fulham, the lack of clean sheets is certainly a cause for concern. Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown is of the opinion that Petr Cech is a better keeper than Leno, and I’m inclined to agree with him. It’s about time Cech was given another run in goal.

The only argument for leaving Leno in goal is the German is better with his feet than Cech. However, how many goals have been created partly by playing the ball out from the back? I can’t recall any. More often than not, Arsenal players gift the ball to the opposition, so this strategy needs to be rethought.

When the ball goes back to the keeper, count how many times something positive comes of it. I’d actually say the best that happens is possession is conceded in a relatively safe area of the pitch.

If Unai Emery can see the error of his ways in trying to employ a football philosophy that does not work with this current Arsenal squad, perhaps he can achieve greater success on the pitch.

At the moment, Arsenal are relying on the attacking prowess of Aubameyang and Lacazette primarily to get them out of jail. The truth is that the pair cannot always be relied upon to score, so the defence needs strengthening and the quickest fix would be to return Cech to the starting line-up.

Leno is like Szczesny revisited. The German’s ridiculous comment ‘no risk, no fun’ sums up his gung-ho approach. A keeper should offer ‘safe hands’ like David Seaman of old, not unsettle the an already-shaky defence by rushing out recklessly.

Leno is a decent shot-stopper and has a promising future at Arsenal. However, if he cannot learn from his mistakes, he should reflect on the bench.

The first goal he conceded against Liverpool demonstrated that little has been learned. Therefore, it’s time to bank on Cech again and leave out Leno.

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