Özil needs to learn from Xhaka

//Özil needs to learn from Xhaka

Özil needs to learn from Xhaka

Now that Arsenal’s winning streak is over, does it really matter? Some people say it would have set up the next game in their league against Liverpool nicely, if Arsenal could have leapfrogged them with another victory. Of course, three points won’t do that now, but at least we can finally measure Arsenal’s progress against a top team.

Meanwhile, in the most recent outting, Crystal Palace may not be high-fliers, but they looked the more dangerous in front of goal.

At the other end, Lacazette looked out of sorts and was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Instead, Ozil was hooked off much to the German’s chagrin. His petulant behaviour at the substitution, throwing his gloves to the ground, sums up everything that is wrong with his game. Özil was not mentally at his best and, subsequently, did not really deliver. Therefore, how can he complain about being taken off? He claims he enjoys assisting more than scoring, but how is he ‘assisting’ his team by behaving like this? He needs to remember there’s no ‘I’ in the word ‘team’ and there’s no ‘Ö’ either!

Then again, Iwobi did not contribute much more, although he appeared to cover more ground, so perhaps that is what irked Özil.

Instead of being irked, Özil should look to Xhaka for inspiration. Yes, I said it! Xhaka at left back is something else. He looks so assured that I have to disagree with Unai Emery about the Switzerland international’s best position. Xhaka did make a mistake, by throwing out a leg to concede a soft penalty (as I certainly wouldn’t have given it), but aside from that he scored a sublimely-taken angled free kick and generally looked the part.

Unfortunately, Mustafi didn’t defend as well as Xhaka and needlessly conceded the first penalty. It was shocking defending and no wonder former Arsenal legend Ian Wright has castigated him for it. Quite why Mustafi had to lunge in desperately and go to ground is anyone’s guess, so I hope he does some soul searching this week. I still believe the German has ability, but he needs to improve on his decision-making.

Aubameyang scored what should have been the winner from the tightest of angles and had the referee not been so generous the winning run would have continued. However, Arsenal did not deserve to win, as Palace matched them.

If Arsenal can learn much-needed lessons ahead of the Liverpool game, perhaps they can topple the Reds. If not, it could be a mauling on a Wengeresque scale.

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