Can Emery paper over the cracks?

//Can Emery paper over the cracks?

Can Emery paper over the cracks?

New Arsenal boss senor Emery certainly will have his work cut out in his new post. Although he has £70m in his transfer kitty, the weary-looking squad is need of a major overhaul.

However, it could be that a new voice in the dressing room will be enough to raise performances, as long as that is married to a new training regime and a stricter policy regarding players smoking and being at late-night parties before games.

Iwobi was guilty of the latter sin, but I would argue that is not as detrimental to the health as smoking. No footballer should smoke as it quickly affects an individual’s capacity to run. If I was Emery, I’d bomb out any players who want to light up even occasionally, as only lazy, immensely talented players can get away with this habit.

This brings me to Ozil. On his day, he’s a world-beater, but I don’t see how he’s going to fit into Emery’s pressing-game plans. Ozil hasn’t got the energy to press or maybe it’s the will or a combination of both. I see Ozil being shown the exit door, if any club interested can afford to pay him the ridiculous sums he receives at Arsenal.

Aside from Ozil, who may be like Neymar at PSG and difficult to control, I don’t see many problems with the squad.

Cech may have another good season in him (and he’s certainly not committed howlers like we saw in the Champions League final), but he will need better protection.

That brings me to the most needed player: a defensive midfielder. Someone like Kante would do, but it needs to be someone with that kind of ability and discipline.

Just that one signing could make all the difference, although another midfielder who can play wide would be a welcome addition.

Once players with calibre are brought in, it’ll be down to Emery to control the egos (which he didn’t manage to do at PSG, by all accounts) or bomb them out! Only then will Arsenal be successful again.

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  1. gunnerpete May 29, 2018 at 9:01 am - Reply

    That is exactly what we do not want ‘a man to paper over the cracks’ we want a team of men to repair the faults and improve areas that are a disgrace to our great club. This team of ‘new manager’ will do that and more. Our team was never as bad as the final position portrayed. about ten crucial and typical bad errors made by a second rate defence made the difference of at least 25 points. This will be ironed out.

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