Iniesta: worth a punt?

//Iniesta: worth a punt?

Iniesta: worth a punt?

Now that one of the world’s best midfielders is available, surely it makes sense for Arsenal to make a move for him.

Additionally, the likely boss to be is going to need help on the coaching side of operations, so why not offer Iniesta a player-coach role?

Apparently Manchester City are in the process of doing just that, but apart from the money, the squad jam-packed wth proven winners and a manager that is supposedly the best in world at winning trophies (albeit with almost unlimited transfer funds), can Manchester really offer as much to London for a prospective new 30-something kid on the block?

Having lived in both cities, I’d say the capital has a lot more to offer, which is why Arsenal have a chance to get Iniesta. Additionally, it will be more of challenge to restore Arsenal’s fortunes on the pitch and the little Spaniard may be up for that. As well as that, Iniesta would get more playing time at Arsenal, whereas you feel he would be used more sparingly at City. Add to that the promotion prospects at Arsenal, as if Arteta does not get off to a good start a player-manager like Iniesta could be the short-term and possibly long-term answer to the problem.

The impact that Iniesta would make on Arsenal’s midfield would be immense. With Ramsey likely to leave, Iniesta would be able to give Wilshere a top role model and maybe help Arsenal get the best out of the England international, providing the latter stays.

Playing alongside Iniesta would surely be of benefit to all the midfielders at Arsenal. Iniesta might even be able to help Xhaka, who has been a major disappointment since arriving for a huge fee.

In short, Iniesta’s pass-and-move game would make Arsenal a more mobile unit. Nowadays, most of the Arsenal midfielders simply stroll around and canter back rather than sprinting when they lose the ball. This has led to the defence looking shaky, but if you really analyse the games, you’ll see opponents blitzing through the middle virtually unopposed on more occasions than many care to remember.

The question is: will Arsenal make the Spaniard an offer? I know I’d certainly be tempted by Arsenal if I were Iniesta, although nowadays players usually put money before any other considerations. If that is the case, then Iniesta is likely to land up at City. If not, then Arsenal have a chance, should they be sharp enough to make an approach.

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