Puppet master will control Klopp’s brain at Arsenal

//Puppet master will control Klopp’s brain at Arsenal

Puppet master will control Klopp’s brain at Arsenal

Former Arsenal striker Charlie Nicholas is a pundit nowadays, who’s more often right than wrong when it comes to Arsenal. Once again, I believe he’s stated what many Arsenal fans think: the club have not decided who will replace Wenger yet.

From the outside looking in, the club appears to be incredibly disorganised: how else can we explain the Keystone Cops defending and the mess-up over out-of-contract players that takes place year after year? Lessons are seemingly not learned.

The only ray of optimism is provided by Mislintat, who has already impressed fans with his astute signing of Mavropanos.

Unlike Daniel Levy, at Spurs, who has metaphorically kissed a lot of frogs to find his prince, David Dein (who found Wenger) is no longer at Arsenal to help with recruitment; that is worrying, as it sounds like it’ll be a group decision on the next appointment. Democratic decisions sound great, except when you think of the old adage about how a board of directors told to get a race horse will invariably come back with a camel.

You might say: ‘That’s fine, as a camel can get you from A to B’. However, it will take a long time, and Arsenal fans are tired of being patient.

If the club are serious about silverware they should go for Mourinho or someone similar. The Man Utd boss seems to be having a few problems currently and may be tempted to return to London. Two cups in his first year and a much-improved league performance this time around tells me he could put Arsenal back on track. It won’t happen though as there’s too much bad blood between Mourinho and Wenger, so appointing the Man U boss (should he become available) would be the ultimate slap in the face for the outgoing manager.

Meanwhile, the media are having a field day predicting that Klopp’s and Liverpool’s number two will take the Arsenal helm. If he does so, the quietly-spoken ‘Brains’ could end up like the puppet on ‘Thunderbirds’, as Mislintat pulls the strings. No one will mind, if it’s successful.

For what it’s worth, my prediction is ‘Brains’ will be appointed initially. It won’t go well. He’ll be unceremoniously sacked and then the puppet master will have a go himself at the manager’s job.

You might ask why doesn’t Mislintat go for the job now? I would say he would rather succeed a less successful manager than Wenger, as there will be a lot less pressure in following someone who turns out to be an abject failure. By then, Arsenal will have learned that having a director of football is not necessarily a recipe for success.

Brains’ appointment is a win-win situation for Mislintat. If Brains is a success, then the credit will go to the man who appointed him. If Brains is a failure, then Mislintat can step in, under no pressure at all, and turn the ship around. The man is a genius!

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  1. Warren Mathers May 6, 2018 at 6:34 am - Reply

    Really enjoyed the article and it makes quite a lot of sense! But have they really given Misliintat that much power already?

    • Joe May 6, 2018 at 7:58 am - Reply

      I think that Mislintat has a lot of power, judging by how Wenger was dismissed so soon after his arrival. Additionally, Mislintat has already brought in two players and the next manager may be completely under his thumb.

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