Kiddology – no recipe for success

//Kiddology – no recipe for success

Kiddology – no recipe for success

Suddenly, we are hearing that Klopp’s right-hand man at Liverpool could be taking the reins at Arsenal. Zeljko Buvac is his name and he is allegedly the ‘brains’ behind the Reds’ resurgence, so it’s no wonder Arsenal are being linked to him.

However, being a good assistant manager does not maketh the best boss, as the role is completely different. Let’s cut to the chase: I am not a fan of assistant managers taking the hot seat, as I feel it rarely works.

Let me cite the case of ex-Arsenal player Brian Kidd. The former striker was extremely successful as an assistant boss, but he was not exactly what the doctor ordered at Blackburn Rovers, where he briefly ran the show.

Nevertheless, I could see Zeljko Buvac getting the Arsenal job, as I’m sure the board would love to take the cheapest option.

Allegri (ANR’s tip) has a great pedigree, but will be expensive, while Enrique may cost even more. The other candidates don’t really bear thinking about, apart from Ancelotti, who is nearly every Arsenal fan’s first choice, I believe.

The question is who trusts the board to make the right appointment? I, for one, do not believe they are capable of doing so, particularly if the cost is a determining factor.

As usual, I’m expecting Arsenal to penny-pinch and sell the fans short.

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