No successor on Arsenal’s horizon

//No successor on Arsenal’s horizon

No successor on Arsenal’s horizon

The Emirates remains the land of the sinking sun, as Arsenal continue to plough on with Wenger at the helm.

The current manager has told the coaching staff that he has no intention of leaving this summer. Next summer will almost certainly be the time he goes, as even the Arsenal board must see there is no sense in him staying.

The recent defeat at Brighton was sadly predictable and, should another follow at Milan, nothing will change. Wenger will continue to think he’s the best man for the job. Unfortunately, he does not have the honestly of a Kevin Keegan, who walked away from the England job when he thought it was beyond him.

Wenger used to be like a Bobby Robson, in that he could select a good team and would let them go out on the pitch and express themselves. One former Ipswich player told me Robson was not a good coach, but he did have a good eye for a player. The same could have been true of Wenger, and although I think he was extremely lucky to have inherited George Graham’s solid back four, the players he brought in were extraordinary. Not only that, Wenger had the sense to persevere with that aging defence, who could have been dispensed with.

In those days, perhaps Wenger was less arrogant. Somehow, he gained the respect of the players, which was no mean feat given their experience. Therefore, no one can argue about Wenger’s managerial credibility. He came in and almost immediately made a huge impact.

However, now things have changed. The dictatorial position he holds at the club is not healthy for anyone. It is almost as if he believes his own hype, even though there’s very little of it being generated nowadays.

Although we shouldn’t believe all the negative headlines in the press, Wenger is a manager in decline and never was or will be a proper coach, if we can believe Lee Dixon.

The time has come for change, but Wenger doesn’t see it, so Arsenal can expect another year and a bit of misery.

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