This Arsenal needs numerous setbacks

//This Arsenal needs numerous setbacks

This Arsenal needs numerous setbacks

There will be no improvement for a while.

I don’t like pessimism, but under Arsene Wenger, this team will continue to rust. This is based on numerous games, Ostersunds, Forest, Spurs and City to name but a few.

I’m not going to criticise the players too much. Xhaka is a midfielder that can’t make long accurate passes. It’s not his fault, he cost so much.

Wilshere tries hard, but would he walk into a top 5 side? I think you know the answer. He’s a fan, so I’ll say no more. He may well walk to one of Arsenal’s new mid-table rivals, as the Gunners ambitiously try to make sure that 6th place is assured again next season, such is the ambition at the club nowadays.

Ramsey is a midfielder, who can attack on his day and defend occasionally, so in the current set up is invaluable.

Ozil is a majestic player every blue moon, and has the work rate of someone on strike, so what’s not to like?

Overall, the midfield let Arsenal down yet again. City could have won by more than 3-0, as the Gunners allowed themselves to be over-run.

Mustafi made a mistake for the first goal, but the defence offered more than the midfield. I hesitate to state it’s worse than the Diaby-Denilson combo, but it’s pretty abject.

I feel sorry for Aubameyang. He has to plough a lone furrow with the worst Arsenal service I have ever seen in living memory.

If Ozil is not up to it, then who can provide the through-balls?

Therein lies some of the problem: Arsenal don’t have reliabl providers in this squad.

Aube will have to rely on the odd through-ball, while Wenger relies on the odd excuse for continual failure.

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