No Arsenal Fan TV in Hector’s house

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No Arsenal Fan TV in Hector’s house

Hector Bellerin’s recent comments about Arsenal Fan TV has led to a lot of criticism of the Arsenal right wing-back and, like a lot of criticism aimed at the players, I think it’s unwarranted, to some extent.

By definition, a fan should be fanatical about the team they support. The question is if the fan is negative about the team they support are they still a fan? I’d say the fans are entitled to their opinions. If I’m not mistaken, that’s pretty much what Bellerin said. Therefore, you’d have to wonder what it was he said that irked some of the ‘fans’.

I can only guess it was when Bellerin made it clear that the players don’t really listen to the fans. I mean, why should they? You’ve heard the phrase about ‘too many cooks’. Bellerin is completely right to listen only to Wenger. The Spaniard is right only to hear his master’s voice.

Democracy rarely works in a football sense. I seem to remember Ebbsfleet United were going to be run by the fans. Look what happened to them! Now they are in the hands of foreign owners. Democracy caused chaos and fans proved to be unreliable when it came to running the club, although the team did have some success on the pitch (which may have been down to the fact that only one man was picking them team).

In fact, I heard from a reliable source at one club (not Arsenal), the chairman had to ratify the first-team team selection before games. Unsurprisingly, the team did not do as well as expected and the management team were fired. The chairman, of course, stayed on. He professed to be a fan, but he actually dismantled the team and took that club backwards. These are the dangers inherent when fans’ views are taken too seriously.

Nevertheless, I have a lot of respect for fans’ views. They deserve to be better treated than they are. A few have excellent knowledge of various aspects of the game and deserve more respect than most journalists (many of whom I’ve seen not watching the games they are going to report on, too busy are they on their phones or chatting with colleagues).

However, the only people who really know what is going on at Arsenal are club insiders. Fans and journalists can speculate, as no club is completely open, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

My view is Arsenal Fan TV is good fun and should be appreciated for what it is. I don’t watch it often, but it never fails to entertain. That is the key to its success. For many fans, Arsenal Fan TV is more entertaining than the current team.

While Bellerin is right not to pay attention to Arsenal Fan TV, I hope he’s also ignoring any other forms of entertainment that takes his focus off the next game.

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