You have to laugh at the Arsenal headlines

You have to laugh at the Arsenal headlines

Every now and then, I like to analyse the headlines that are most popular with Arsenal fans and, unsurprisingly, it’s the ‘good news’ stories that get the most attention.

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The Daily Star is much better at providing the supporters with the signings they want than the club is. The words ‘done deal’ often hit home, despite the fact that generally no ‘deal’ has been ‘done’ at the time of these usually ludicrous claims. However, the newspaper has cleverly mixed two stories together (Ben Sheaf’s loan move to Stevenage), misleading some of the more naive and unsuspecting general public into thinking Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has joined Arsenal. Those who have been following the Gunners for some time know the chances of the deal being concluded are remote, as the parsimonious boss seems to be always looking first at the club’s profits before anything else. While that may be good form the owners, the team and the paying fans have to suffer.

Indeed some fans have commented that getting past Chelsea to the League (Carabao) Cup final could be the worst news ever, as it means boss Arsene Wenger has bought himself extra time at the club. I’m not sure I would agree with that as Gunners fans should always want their team to win and credit has to go to the boss this time. Wenger has a decent record against Chelsea’s Antonio Conte, so it makes you wonder why so many fans would like to switch bosses with Chelsea. It’s not going to happen anyway, but one thing’s almost certain: Wenger won’t leave until 2019 at the earliest and even then the likelihood is he’ll still be involved at the club in some capacity.

Anyway, let’s return to the subject of Aubameyang’s proposed transfer to Arsenal. It seems every journalist worth his salt has an opinion on the likelihood of the Gabon international joining Arsenal. I have to say, I don’t think it will happen, which flies in the face of what I’ve read.  Ultimately, it comes down to money and even if Arsenal have got a three-man delegation trying to negotiate a deal, if the asking price is not met, I don’t see why the German club will sell.

Sven Mislintat (Arsenal’s new head of recruitment) was previously at Dortmund for a decade, so should know what to say to his old club. However, I still say money does the talking. It doesn’t matter if Arsenal have ‘Diamond Eye’ Sven picking the players for the club to sign, as if there aren’t any diamonds in the Ivan ‘Sade, Diamond Life/Smooth Operator/Hang On To Your Cash/When Am I Going To Make A Signing’ Gazidis’s purse then how’s a deal going to happen? Huss ‘The Hustling Haggler’ Fahmy’s in charge of negotiations, apparently, but when you hear that Dortmund want around 70 million euros, whereas Arsenal are offering around 50 (well, at least it’s 50 million), then it’s hard to imagine how a ‘deal’ will ‘done’.

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  1. Redsy January 27, 2018 at 5:12 am - Reply

    I think the issue here is different if AW identifies a player and then Gazidis and co are unable to go and complete the deal that he wants it becomes a problem with the Yank not AW.

    They suggested AW had too much power; now they have taken this upon themselves they had better live up to the task.

    We need Aubameyang, as it will provide width for the first time in years, helping us attack and stretch teams beyond belief when we attack.

    Who’s the real problem, the next few days will show.

  2. Jack January 27, 2018 at 5:55 am - Reply

    We could be better of if we hire people, who love football, over money makers. If Arsenal need people to make money, AW is their suitor. If they need people to achieve in football, AW is the obstacle.

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