Which is more unlikely to happen? Evans or Tarkowski to Arsenal?

//Which is more unlikely to happen? Evans or Tarkowski to Arsenal?

Which is more unlikely to happen? Evans or Tarkowski to Arsenal?

Although there are reports of a green light being on at Arsenal, according to the Mirror, battle-hardened fans who have weathered a transfer window or two will know that the Gunners are reluctant to wave wads of cash, even if it does mean strengthening the defence.

Jonny Evans, though, has got the kind of pedigree that should make him a shoo-in at Arsenal. You’d like to think Holding and Chambers could learn a thing or two from the 30-year-old. However, if the interest from Man City is genuine, then there is no way Evans is coming to London to join an under-achieving club. Of course, that’s assuming Arsenal’s interest is more than just alleged and reported. To be honest, I think it’s hard to believe that Arsenal will pay more than £20m for Evans who, according to Martin Keown, is not world class. We all know that Evans would be a good addition to the Arsenal squad, but that doesn’t mean he will be arriving.

The same could be said of James Tarkowski, who is younger and therefore, arguably, a better investment than Evans. It’s hard to imagine how much the 25-year-old would cost, but I’ve been really impressed with him on the occasions I’ve seen him play. Looking at Tarka’s previous clubs, you’d have to say that Arsenal are unlikely to take the plunge (green light or no green light) into the rivers of Burnley to fish him out.

Therefore, in conclusion, you’d have to say the likelihood is Arsenal will make do with what they have at the back and blame poor officiating, if results don’t improve on a consistent basis. After all, paying the odd fine because the manager has fallen foul of the authorities has to be cheaper than employing another footballer, who is only a likely and not a guaranteed success.


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    Arsene Wenger must replaced by Henry

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