Cazorla is living proof that no footballer gets paid too much

//Cazorla is living proof that no footballer gets paid too much

Cazorla is living proof that no footballer gets paid too much

Santi Cazorla will always be a legend at Arsenal, even if he’s not offered a new contract at the club. The diminutive Spaniard who has lost ‘eight centimetres from the tendon in his right ankle’, according to Sky Sports, nearly ended up losing a leg, as the result of the surgery he has undergone.

The poor guy has just had his tenth operation, just to play football and be in front of hostile crowds as well as adoring ones. Surely that’s too big a price to pay for professional sport, but Cazorla is not ready to give up on his career just yet.

Obviously Arsenal have missed Cazorla immensely. Jamie Redknapp always says Cazorla plays with ‘wing mirrors’ on, such is his awareness of what’s going on elsewhere on the field. It’s true that the 33-year-old always played with a smile on his face and brought joy to the vast majority of Arsenal fans: in fact, I’ve never heard a single negative word uttered about Santi.

After setback after setback, we can only hope that Cazorla does get his dream come true: a new contract at a top-flight club. However, it seems like he’ll be spending some time without a club, as he won’t be fit again until 2019 at the earliest.

Maybe Arsenal could put some of those unspent war-chest transfer funds to good use, by paying Cazorla to stick around. Surely, he could offer something to the club in a coaching capacity, while he heals again for the tenth time. Surely, that’s what most of the fans want.

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