Arsenal bid an extra ‘undisclosed’ amount for Auba…reportedly

//Arsenal bid an extra ‘undisclosed’ amount for Auba…reportedly

Arsenal bid an extra ‘undisclosed’ amount for Auba…reportedly

According to sources in Germany, who know these things, Arsenal have upped their ‘undisclosed’ bid for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to an even-more ‘undisclosed’ offer for the 28-year-old striker.

If this deal actually goes through within 48 hours, instead of 48 days (when it can’t go through), then Arsenal might be able to actually look at this transfer window as a time of squad strengthening instead of weakening. Of course, that’s providing the Gabon international is suited to the English game, and you have to imagine he will be, as how many imports from that continent aren’t? I’m struggling to think of any, who didn’t crack it after arriving in the Premier League.

With two signings to date, the Arsenal paperwork team will be perspiring at the thought of adding to their workload with yet another addition to the squad. It’s all very well trying to compete for fourth spot, but when it costs so much ‘undisclosed’ time and so much ‘undisclosed’ money, it must be incredibly ‘undisclosed’ annoying to the powers-that-be, if they actually know who they are.

If we believe the media, Aubameyang will cost £50.9m providing Arsenal’s latest bid is accepted; that’s up a whopping £2.6m from the previous offer that was rejected. If my maths serves me correctly, Arsenal are offering around 5 per cent more now and are ready to make the Gabon international the club’s record ‘undisclosed’ signing.

The fans’ feelings about how long these deals take is ‘undisclosed’, as it is best that no one challenges the hierarchy that have steered the club in the right direction since time began. The general opinion seems to be that the supporters are eternally grateful for the way the club is being run currently, as sixth is new fourth, which equals an imaginary trophy, although not as much money (which is less ‘undisclosed’ than transfer fees and contract details).

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