Why Sanchez to Real might happen

//Why Sanchez to Real might happen

Why Sanchez to Real might happen

Of course, it’s not the kind of transfer news that Arsenal fans dream of hearing, but the rumour linking Alexis Sanchez with Real Madrid this January appears to have legs. So why might this happen? See the list below:

1. This is Arsenal’s last chance to cash in on the Chilean. However, expect this to go to the wire, as the Gunners will definitely hold out for £35m.

2. If we can believe the story behind the goal celebrations at Palace, Sanchez is being ostracised by his team-mates. Rumour has it that Jack Wilshere had a confrontation with Alexis about his lack of effort. Meanwhile, Wenger may decide that he’s better of selling Sanchez for the sake of team spirit.

3. Real Madrid have the money to make a deal happen, especially if they sell Cristiano Ronaldo for £89m.

4. Real Madrid want to turn around a relatively disappointing season, and Sanchez could make a huge difference.

5. Real Madrid may find it satisfying to sign an ex-Barcelona star, although the fans may quickly turn against Sanchez if he doesn’t hit the ground running.

6. Sunny Spain is surely a more attractive prospect for the Spanish-speaking Sanchez than rainy Manchester. Put yourself in his shoes: where would you prefer to play, bearing in mind we’re talking about a winter move here?

7. There’s no guarantee that Sanchez will get the game time he wants at Manchester City, whereas he will be more of a ‘shoo-in’ at Real.

Before putting this to bed, what about reasons why Sanchez might prefer a move to Manchester City:

1. The chance to be reunited with Guardiola.

2. The chance to win the Premier League this season.

3. The chance to make ridiculous amounts of money.

Personally, I can see Sanchez moving to Real Madrid, rather than Manchester City, mainly as the challenge of restoring the fortunes of the Spanish club may be more motivating than landing millions of pounds in a move that might not necessarily work out.

After all, Man City’s unassailable league position indicates that they need Sanchez the least and surely he will want to go somewhere where he’ll be considered as something special.

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