Silly season begins in earnest

//Silly season begins in earnest

Silly season begins in earnest

Let’s be completely honest: David Luiz is never going to be allowed to leave Chelsea to join Arsenal. There’s not a chance of it happening, no matter how out of favour he is there. Let’s consider the reasons why.

1. Chelsea are a relatively well-run club. When was the last time they lost a top player on a Bosman? I don’t remember, do you? Meanwhile, Arsenal are set to lose two, it seems, unless you believe Ozil will re-sign for £300,000 per week. As Ian Wright says: Sanchez seems resigned to the fact he is leaving and will happily do the minimum until the day he signs on the dotted line for another club.

2. Chelsea are not in the habit of even selling their best players, especially to Arsenal. Although Cech was one of the best keepers in the world, those days have gone. While he is a step up from Ospina and Arsenal undoubtedly closed a good deal, it was like picking up a colour TV from the Chelsea scrap heap, when all Arsenal have been used to is black and white. The other deal that comes to mind is the Gallas-Cole deal and we don’t need to remind ourselves which club got the best deal then.

3. At this time of year, newspapers make up stories. It happens all the time. Arsenal fans want the best players, but the club refuses to match that ambition, mainly because of cost. The club prioritises maximising short-term profits, so rules out moves for players that put bums on seats and increase the worldwide marketing potential of Arsenal. Nevertheless, newspapers can make money out of the speculative stories, so they continue to have a field day.

4. Most of Arsenal’s transfers go under the media’s radar. You have to credit the Gunners with the ability to keep transfer business secret: every transfer fee is undisclosed and often the length of the contract is hidden. A more appropriate nickname for Arsenal would be ‘the Secret Squirrels’, although the club seems to have the transfer business acumen of Morocco Mole.

In conclusion, don’t expect any exciting transfer business involving Arsenal. The only presents likely to come this Christmas is an over-priced piece of coal that is useless on an electric fire. Wenger will say the club’s youngsters who have progressed to the semi-finals of the League Cup are good enough to make Arsenal title challengers again. I totally disagree.

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