Why not bid for Vidal?

//Why not bid for Vidal?

Why not bid for Vidal?

If Inter Milan are reportedly lining up a £45m bid for Bayern Munich’s Arturo Vidal, why don’t Arsenal follow suit?

One way to stop this Alexis Sanchez transfer saga would be to sign one of his international team-mates, and Vidal is something special. He’s not only got skill, but he has a phenomenal work rate too. Vidal would be an amazing signing and cheap at the price at anything less than £50m.

It’s clear that Arsenal need to do something drastic, as the Chelsea defeat in the recent friendly showed off the team’s shortcomings. In short, it was embarrassing.

Judging by that showing, Arsenal haven’t learned a thing from last season. What is alarming is how easy it is for opponents to run with the ball straight through midfield unopposed. I don’t see other teams allowing this to happen. Is this a deliberate tactical ploy? I don’t think so! If so, it’s the height of foolishness as Arsenal often concede following these ‘knife through butter’ moments!

It’s too early to judge the two new signings, but neither has really impressed yet. At least, they don’t look like liabilities, the way Fabianski seemed from the word ‘go’, when he dropped the ball at Barnet in a pre-season friendly.

The best news was Emiliano Martinez’s performances, which were good enough for me to want him as Arsenal’s second choice between the sticks next season. Every time Ospina is in goal, I fear the worst. I haven’t checked the stats lately, but it’s hard to remember Ospina keeping a clean sheet.

Meanwhile, staying on the subject of keepers, I saw some stats online which ‘proved’ that Szczesny did better than Cech last season. That is clearly ridiculous. Cech is still a world great, while Szczesny has a lot to do if he wants to emulate the former’s achievements.

The same goes for the youngsters on the tour. They did okay, but they mustn’t get ideas above their station. I’m not really seeing any of them breaking into the first-team this year, but I didn’t see Iwobi making the grade as quickly as he has. No doubt, Iwobi’s late equaliser against Bayern will remain long in the memory, so classy was it.

However, both the Bayern match and the Chelsea game showed how much Arsenal depend on Sanchez. Without the Chilean, they just don’t offer enough going forward. Therefore, why not bring in another Chilean, as Vidal attacks like a devil and defends like a demon. Arsenal need that kind of spirit at the club.

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  1. paul le'dain July 24, 2017 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    Yes, yes, yes, Vidal should be the next player we are trying, can you imagine Alexis & Vidal toghether at you have already said it would sort out the problem with Alexis, and you look at Arturo he is as solid as a rock, what we haven’t had since the day of Patrick Viera, and at £ 50million it’s a snip for a player of his quality, so come on Arsene what are you waiting for!!!!!!!

  2. Tony July 24, 2017 at 4:58 pm - Reply

    Vidal has already advised Sanchez to leave Arsenal for a bigger more ambitious club Why would he want to join us

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