Arsenal cannot get like for like if they sell Sanchez

//Arsenal cannot get like for like if they sell Sanchez

Arsenal cannot get like for like if they sell Sanchez

…unless The Gunners sign former transfer target Luis Suarez. However, there is little to no chance of that happening in the foreseeable future, if ever. Therefore, we can give up the ghost on that one.

Instead, Arsenal have to focus on keep Alexis Sanchez happy. The Chilean has to be happy enough to sign a new long-term contract. Arsenal fans will wonder how that will be possible when the striker is asking for a monstrous £400,000 per week.

I’ve never been someone who complains about other people’s wages but, in this case, I’m not sure the club can pay such an amount. The problem is if they pay that to Sanchez, then Ozil will want near parity. If the Gunners give into the wage demands, then agents for all the other big hitters and not-so-big hitters will be knocking on Wenger’s door, asking for equally huge pay hikes.

The question is: where do it end? Once Pandora’s pay box is open, it’s unlikely to close again.

All of this means, Sanchez will be sold, probably to PSG. As good as new signing Lacazette is, he’s unlikely to fill the void left by the Chilean. That would then mean a lot of transfer activity for Arsenal and, as we’ve seen in past seasons, the shopping will be done at the last minute.

It seems as if there is a belief at the club that last ditch deals are better value for money. However, it is very rare for last-minute panic buys to pay off. Just think of all the players brought in around the same time as Mertesacker. Only Arteta would be considered a success, unless I’ve forgotten someone. If so, no doubt someone will remind me in the comments column beneath.

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  1. Sean Williams July 9, 2017 at 10:40 am - Reply

    Good that Wenger will not sell Sanchez to Man City. Sell abroad and invest in William Carvalho or Riyad Mahrez. I will warm to a strong Wenger. He got burnt with Robin Van Persie, and only a fool would take the bait again. Good for you Arsene.

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