Arsenal are waiting for Godot

//Arsenal are waiting for Godot

Arsenal are waiting for Godot

I’ve just read a really interesting article in the Sunday Times written by David Walsh about how ‘the Arsenal story has become football’s “Waiting for Godot”, Samuel Beckett’s masterful play about the futility of life’.

I won’t steal Walsh’s thunder by detailing everything in his article but, I must say, I found it hard to disagree with most of his overall analysis.

Walsh maintains the writing was on the wall for Arsenal in August 2011, after the 8-2 capitulation against Manchester United at Old Trafford. My argument is at least that defeat caused Wenger to rethink his transfer policy and suddenly caution was thrown to the wind. Almost immediately, as it was nearly transfer deadline day, experienced international players were signed, like Per Mertesacker.

While that day in Manchester was undoubtedly a huge wake-up call for Arsenal, what has happened since has been a slight improvement of the squad: hence the three FA Cups in four years. By any standards, that is still some achievement. We really shouldn’t lose sight of that fact.

Nevetheless, until Arsenal make some proper marquis signings, they will he also-rans, at best, when it comes to the title. From that perspective, it will be as futile as ‘Waiting for Godot’.

Meanwhile, Tony Adams continues his relentless campaign to say negative things about his former club. The latest comments about Dier, being his recommendation over Chambers when both were up for grabs, makes the former Gunners skipper sound eminently sensible on the scouting front. However, I’ve given up on Chambers yet.

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