Make him Captain Chilean con carnage

//Make him Captain Chilean con carnage

Make him Captain Chilean con carnage

In these days of hugely inflated transfer fees and salaries to match, should football clubs ever say enough? After all, if the TV money is coming why can’t clubs spend it on what the want to?

As you might have guessed, I’m very much in the camp that believe footballers generally deserve the money they get. A footballer’s career is short and many face debilitating injuries which they have to live for the rest of their lives. When you see someone limping in the press room of a football club, you can bet your life it’s an ex-player trying to make a meagre living after he’s hung up his boots.

All this preamble is about the Sanchez and Ozil situation at Arsenal. We hear that the Chilean has a £300,000 a week deal on the table, while the German has been offered around £50,000 a week less. My question is: are they worth it?

The statisticians would say ‘yes’. Sanchez’s goals and assists make it a no-brainer for Arsenal to re-sign him whatever the price. He’s unplayable for opposition defences. You could all him ‘Chilean con carnage’. Not only that, but his never-say-die attitude is first class too. We hear he is difficult to manage, but if I were Wenger I’d make him captain and pay him what he wants.

However, when it comes to Ozil, I wouldn’t be prepared to pay him anything. I’m not even sure about the deal on the table. Once again, statisticians would point to the number of assists that the German has racked up. However, I would note Ozil’s perceived lack of effort, or languid style (if we want to be more complimentary about it).

Quite honestly, Arsenal cannot afford passengers in their team if they want to win the title. Unless Ozil changes his ways and fights to the end of every match, I don’t see how he fits into a league championship winning side. In short, Ozil is too lazy. If that can’t be addressed, I’d sell him. I’d want assurances that Ozil could step up his on-the-pitch efforts and maybe alter his lifestyle or diet, if this is having an negative impact on his fitness. After all, it’s not all about skill and technique. If it were, we’d be signing Pele!

My conclusion is sell the passenger and keep the Chilean con carnage.

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  1. Todd June 13, 2017 at 6:01 am - Reply

    Ugh, don’t make him captain!

    First of all, have you not noticed what’s happened with our captains? Being made captain of Arsenal is the kiss of the death. We made Vermaelen captain, and he barely got on the field…and then we sold him. We made Arteta captain…and then he retired. We made Mertesacker captain and his first start was in the FA Cup final! Had it not been for his stellar performance that day, we likely would have sold him this summer as well (and still might). If we can’t get rid of Walcott this summer, then make him captain – it’s a sure-fire way to make sure he doesn’t play and is gone within 12 months!

    Bad karma aside, Sanchez isn’t captain material. First off, his high work-rate is deceptive. Sure, he runs hard and closes down guys who are near him, but his total distance run is typically far less than his teammates (because he doesn’t track back and help out on defense like he should). After he charges at a conveniently nearby opponent with the ball, he then has the nerve to berate his teammates (who have all logged more miles than him) for not shutting down the THREE defenders who were available to receive a pass.

    He also berates his teammates if they don’t give him the ball at every single opportunity, regardless of whether a pass to him was the best option. He also makes a LOT of selfish decisions, and that would only get worse if he were captain.

    What we need is a strong leader who is capable of dealing with big personalities like Sanchez. The guy has oodles of talent, however, he also makes PLENTY of stupid, selfish mistakes. Imagine if we had a leader on the pitch who could stop Sanchez from constantly dribbling into trouble when he has multiple players open to receive a pass. Do you realize how often he coughs up the ball (almost always needlessly)? And I’m not talking about taking on a defender to create a scoring opportunity either – he’ll cough up the ball turning into trouble in the middle of the field despite having multiple opportunities to lay the ball off to a teammate. If we’re losing, the frequency of this increases exponentially. When Sanchez is trying to single-handedly win the game, he becomes incredibly predictable and his turn-overs cost us a LOT of points. If we had a captain who could get him to knock that off, he’d be twice the player, and since he’s already one of the best in the world, that’d be something to see!

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