Elneny – Arsenal’s first valuable Swiss import?

//Elneny – Arsenal’s first valuable Swiss import?

Elneny – Arsenal’s first valuable Swiss import?

Most Gooners are pleased that the club have finally announced the signing of Mohamed Elneny from Swiss club Basel for £7m.

However, the question remains: will he be more successful than previous imports from Switzerland: Senderos and Djourou?

Djourou came from relative obscurity of a little-known Swiss club called Carouge as a youngster. I thought he had a lot of promise when he arrived as a defensive midfielder. He was converted to a centre back and didn't convince many Arsenal fans. Although I thought the Gunners should persevere with him, he was eventually sold to Hamburg. Perhaps, he should have remained a midfielder.

Meanwhile, Senderos was supposed to be a tough centre back, but was roughed up regularly by Chelsea's Didier Drogba and other physical strikers.

Therein lies the worry about Elneny. Will he cope with the physical side of the game? Perhaps Arsenal fans will find out if he makes his debut away at Stoke.

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