Arsenal’s Monaco result is a ‘false sunset’

//Arsenal’s Monaco result is a ‘false sunset’

Arsenal’s Monaco result is a ‘false sunset’

Although it's common for fans to expect heads to roll when results don't go their way. I don't think that's any more prudent than suggesting we will win the league after one good victory away at Man City. A lot of people are calling that a 'false dawn' and perhaps that's true, but then the Monaco performance must be a 'false sunset'.

Nevertheless, the chances of coming back from a 3-1 home defeat are remote to the extreme. I can imagine a valiant 2-0 win in the principality and a honourable exit: that would be typical Arsenal.

Meanwhile, calls to replace David Ospina, Per Mertesacker and Olivier Giroud seem immature and premature in equal measures. Giroud did miss a lot of chances, but I maintain he would have scored eventually had he stayed on. You have to expect strikers to miss as well as score: it's par for the course. At least, he was in the right positions to score. I still have faith in him.

The same applies to Ospina: he's not done a lot wrong. His head shouldn't roll.

Mertesacker is a different kettle of fish. He made some poor decisions against Monaco, and has made a habit of it recently. Seeing as we've got Gabriel now, it would make sense to play him while BFG is out of form. That's the only change I would make.

Calls for wholesale change are not wholesome or helpful. Hopefully, a win against Everton will go some of the way to proving me right.

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