Will Arteta’s injury force Arsenal to buy?

//Will Arteta’s injury force Arsenal to buy?

Will Arteta’s injury force Arsenal to buy?

In short, the answer is 'no'. We've been playing for years with a wafer-thin squad, so why should we change?

I could say our Champions League qualification has never been so precarious given the 0-0 first-leg result against Besiktas, but my warnings would go unheeded. And quite rightly, maybe.

What's the safest thing to do? I'd say put Flamini in instead of Arteta. Defensively, we look more solid with Flames in front of the back four singeing opponents with his tackling, so it's not such a bad thing is it, Arteta's sprained ankle?

Even the best defensive midfielder in the world would take time to bed in, so it wouldn't be worth the risk throwing a new addition straight into the fray. Unless we got him in before the Everton game.

That's a bit short-notice and part of the reason why I can't see us panic-buying, no matter how much the media insist otherwise.

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