Could Toure or Song fill Arsenal’s gap?

//Could Toure or Song fill Arsenal’s gap?

Could Toure or Song fill Arsenal’s gap?

There is still a lot of speculation linking us to this player and that, the more irksome being the continued link with Edinson Cavani. Yes, we may have been interested before, but now? With all the strikers we have at our disposal? I'd say, we won't tread that path unless the player is desperate to join us and the right deal can be done. By that, I mean it has to be relatively cheap, as we don't really need a striker.

What we do need is a versatile defender. Therefore, I want to speculate about us bringing back Kolo Toure from Liverpool and/or Alex Song from Barcelona.

To be honest, we might have a chance of landing Toure, if Liverpool can be persuaded to sell. Again, like with Agger, they'd prefer to sell abroad. Turkey seems the most likely destination. The fee? Around £1.5m. I'm pretty sure Toure would love to come back to Arsenal now his alleged chief irritation, Gallas, is gone. The other question would be, how many games could he play? He's always been fit, and he still only 33, so I'd like to think quite a few. After all, he played 20 Premier League games last season. He's so versatile, so he really ticks a lot of boxes. But we'll have to move quickly as Trabzonspor are about to seal a deal.

Meanwhile, I read somewhere that Song might be available. Personally, I wouldn't be keen on having him back, but like Kolo Toure, he ticks a lot of boxes. In fact, he ticks more as he could probably play in more positions. He's only 26, so that's another plus. But his work rate? Not the best, in my opinion.

That's why I'd opt for Kolo Toure. His enthusiasm and love of Arsenal shone through while he at our club. I'd welcome him back with open arms.

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