Happy days are at Arsenal again!

//Happy days are at Arsenal again!

Happy days are at Arsenal again!

Despite the 0-1 defeat at the hands (or should I say 'the feet') of Monaco and the eyes of the referee (who didn't give us an obvious penalty), it's optimism as usual at the Emirates.

It really must be catching as even Alisher Usmanov is saying we're at the start of a new era. I can certainly believe that too, although we're far from dead certs for the title.

George Graham reckons we need to sign 2-3 more players, but unless 2-3 leave where are we going to accommodate them in the squad? I mean, how do you keep those who are uninjured happy when they're not in the first XI?

It's a fine balancing act, keeping all egos in check and making sure they put the team first. To give Wenger his due, he's done a pretty good job in that respect, and that's putting it mildly.

All in all, I think we may have just enough in our current squad to make it another trophy-winning season, as surely we're stronger now than we were this time last year.

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