Arsenal’s antipathy towards agents explains a lot

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Arsenal’s antipathy towards agents explains a lot

Footbal agents are a necessary evil in the game, but apparently Arsenal are in denial. They don’t want to deal with certain agents. That would explain a lot, like why we rarely sign our mooted transfer targets.

Meanwhile, Sportsvibe have reported that we’re edging ‘closer to the signing of Padova’s exciting young midfielder Ousmane Drame’. Well, we’re getting nearer to January, slowly but surely, and then the transfer window of possibility.

Probability? Very low, I’d say, as if an agent goes public any interest we once had usually goes cold. Why? Well, we hear that in the corridors of power, certain agents are frowned upon. Whether Drame’s agent has endeared himself to the Arsenal hierarchy or not, I’ll let you decide. after the player’s agent revealed talks are ongoing over a possible transfer.

Drame’s agent, George Atangana, told Mediagol: “Arsenal? It’s true, with the English club I’m working on him directly. Wenger and I talk about their interest.

“Then in Italy he is also liked by Fiorentina.”

I think we can probably rule out a move to Arsenal then!

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