Stagnant Wenger?

Stagnant Wenger?

Has a long reign made Wenger reactionary? I’m not sure. He was certainly revolutionary when he arrived, changing training methods at the club, but perhaps he’s stagnated.

You could argue that the last-minute buys were forced on him by the fans he’d love to ignore.

On the other hand, the opposite could be the case. Perhaps, the financial state of the club means we can’t buy until we sell. Gone are the days of buying early.

That second argument is a little unconvincing unfortunately as the club keeps saying it’s in rude health. From the manager’s perpective, it can’t be fun selling before buying. What sane manager would choose that route?

But is Wenger sane? Persisting with certain players suggests not, yet again his recent transfer business tells me the opposite: Wenger does indeed have his wits about him and has finally addressed problems in the squad that were obvious for all to see. Maybe an 8-2 reverse at Old Trafford helped him to see it too. That’s why I still want him at the club. I’m for stability when it comes to football. Evolution as opposed to revolution. I believe the new listening Wenger could be an improvement on the Wenger we’ve known over these trophyless years.

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