Benzema & Arsenal season ticket renewals, A-Z of transfer links

//Benzema & Arsenal season ticket renewals, A-Z of transfer links

Benzema & Arsenal season ticket renewals, A-Z of transfer links

I have to say on a purely selfish note that I hope all the marquee signings this summer happen in mid June and not before. Why? If not, I’m never going to get to the top of the season ticket waiting list! Last year, I was about 47,000 and something. This year, I’ve climbed up about 15,000 places. At this rate, I’ve only got two years or so to wait, but I think the waiting list is about to be updated, so who knows? Maybe I’ll have to thank our team’s defensive ricks for a sooner-than-expected season ticket! So now you know, Arsene Wenger so desperately wants me to see every game at the Emirates that he’s not prepared to really strengthen the squad until I get that much-coveted item!

Meanwhile, our cheeky boss is talking up renewals by saying that signing Karim Benzema ‘does not seem impossible’. Well, he’s French, so we must have a chance, albeit a dog’s chance or should I say: le chance de le chien‘ (not sure if you can translate that into French, but it sounds good doesn’t it, n’est pas?).

On the subject of transfer news,She Wore A Yellow Ribbon has an A-Z of players we’ve been linked with the summer (with my comments, if I couldn’t avoid expressing my opinion, in brackets):

A. Alvarez, Amalfitano

B. Benzema (yes), Baines (not for us), Buffon (better late than never)

C. Cahill (no), Canales

D. Downing (no way)

E. Enrique

F. Falcao

G. Gervinho, Goetze, Gameiro

H. Hazard, Hargreaves (you’re joking, right?)

I. Izaguirre

J. Jenkinson, Jagielka (yes, he’s versatile and under-rated)



M. Mertsacker (yes), Mexes (yes)


O. Oxlade Chamberlain (yet another promising youngster!), Olsson

P. Parker (yes, see Buffon!)


R. Reges

S. Subotic, Samba, Sakho

T. Tasci,







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